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Please note: Two instructional presentations are on this page. The first is the most important because it describes the basic instructions for customizing your documents and phoning prospects. The second presentation is older, from the days when Baraka Enterprises was affiliated with BHR, but the presentation contains instructions on how to configure a file transfer protocol (ftp).

As mentioned during the Informational Conference Call, IVS will pay your monthly membership fee for AmeriPlan's Total Health Plus benefits when you earn at least $2000 a month from BHR. Benefits for subsequent months are based upon BHR monthly earnings dispersed as of the last day of the preceding month.

The health care benefits are provided through IVS and not BHR. AmeriPlan is NOT insurance but a discount fee-for-service, therefore there are no restrictions, age limits, waiting periods, etc. Please direct any questions or concerns about your health care benefits to benefits@integrityvirtualsecretaries.com.

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