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This website is dedicated to those Israelites ready to receive reparations for our enslavement and genocide. 
Below is the application form for the BIO Repat Program. Please click the link above for the application to the United African Front.  
Faith without works is dead.  We don't expect jobs to fall out of the sky,  so why should faith in Yah mean we wait for money to fall out of the sky?  Join us in this work of faith! 
The annual membership dues are $5.00 USD, but no fees are due until after your membership application is accepted.Simply complete one of the membership application below to indicate your faith and interest in this ambitious project. You will be contacted via email regarding your application's status. You may remit your membership dues once your application is approved.
Let our works of faith fulfill the prophecy and make this the acceptable year of the Lord! Please complete the form below and attach a photo of yourself.All fields are required! Missing responses will cause your application approval to be delayed or denied.  We'll email you if we need more details. 

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Do you agree with BIO's purpose as stated in the proposed Bylaws?Yes
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Do you refrain from eating unclean meats & fish?
Are you exclusively heterosexual?Yes
I agree to a criminal background check, and subject thereto, I assert that I have refrained from participating in gangs or criminal activity for at least one year.
If your application is approved, are you willing and able to immediately remit your annual dues?