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Regardless of your religion, nationality, ancient heritage, or other criteria, every person on this planet with a certain amount of melanin in his/her skin has been a victim of racism and oppression. We have a common enemy who is united. Our survival is based on us uniting.

We can call upon our various God or gods to save us. We shall. Yet it is somewhat lazy to think that faith means all we do is pray and not work. A lawsuit is one way of working towards reparations. We aren't being greedy. This is more than about money. The money is symbolic of the reconciliation and healing that needs to take place for the earth to be at peace. Anything less is a time bomb of bitterness and hatred waiting to explode.

Let us defeat all the lies of racism and oppression once and for all. Join the United African Front as we put forward a reparations lawsuit with the demand that our cries for justice no longer be ignored.


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The United African Front is a part of the Black Israelites Organization, Inc., a non-profit organization.