Thank You!


We greatly appreciate your trusting us with this donation.

Stay tuned to for updates as to our progress. We not only want to report that we raised the necessary capitalization, but show you pictures of the reparations project becoming a reality.

Remember, a key component to the success of this Penny Drive is for you to refer 10 friends and family to make a donation. Everyone's two cents counts! Don't deprive them of the spiritual fulfillment that comes when the Spirit of Lord is upon you to set the captives free! It only takes a few moments. Call or send them an email now!

Lift the generational curses! Give two cents for your children, your ancestors, family members and friends who don't have computers or PayPal accounts, etc.

Do for them what they cannot do for themselves. Educate them about loving thy neighbor enough to give two cents towards reparations and healing the breach of racism in this world. To give more, click the PayPal link below.

As promised, here is the link to the 3-day/2-night hotel certificate. Enjoy a free vacation on us!

Please download both the front and back of the vacation certificate. Both sides are needed to redeem the certificate.

The certificate is for free hotel only. For your other transportation needs, please visit our travel affiliate below.

Front of vacation certificate

Back of vacation certificate.

For your transportation and other travel needs.

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