Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking Cases
Welcome to the homepage of Anita E. Belle. I am the attorney for plaintiffs for the Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking (NCNT) Cases, MDL #1331 in federal court in Gainesville, Florida. My clients in the NCNT cases come from New York, Louisiana, Michigan, Washington DC, Maryland, and a case against Federal Express. With the exception of the FedEx case, a case which deals with sabotaging the other cases, the other cases sue the CIA and Dept. of Justice for their role in bringing drugs into enter the U.S. Another case in the NCNT cases comes from California, the first state to sue the CIA.

I also represent plaintiffs suing the CIA in two other cases from Florida and North Carolina. The North Carolina case of Lucas v. CIA et al, Docket #00-0683, was filed in the U.S. Supreme Court on October 23, 2000. Its petition for writ of certiorari was denied, making North Carolina's case eligible to go to the United Nations' International Court of Justice. Why? Because the North Carolina case alleges that the United States Government violated its treaty with the United Nations regarding the prevention of genocide. This anti-genocide treaty allows for cases against the United States to be brought to the World Court after the case goes through every U.S. court.

What are these cases about? In 1996, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb wrote a series of newspaper articles about a Black drug dealer who was supplied cocaine from a trafficker who used the drug money profits to finance the Contras of Nicaragua. An outraged Black community demanded an investigation of the CIA. The investigation declassified a secret agreement which allowed the CIA to NOT report to the Justice Dept. ALL suspected drug trafficking. As a result of this agreement, tons of cocaine entered the U.S. without prevention by law enforcement.

My cases allege that the secret agreement between the CIA and Justice Dept. amounts to conspiracy to commit racketeering, meaning the government is being used for organized crime purposes. I further allege that the CIA is committing genocide by deliberately distributing these drugs into Black communities. The United States' treaty defines genocide to include the drugging of a race of people.

While North Carolina's case was before the U.S. Supreme Court, and to prepare for a Florida election-related case before the U.S. Supreme Court, I sent expedited Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests to the FBI. As a result, Belle v. FBI, case #00-cv-3097, was filed on December 27, 2000 in federal court in Washington, DC. As of October 2, 2001, this case has been re-filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan [Detroit] as Belle & Belle v. FBI et al, case #01-cv-73672.

In my FOIA request to the FBI, I asked for the criminal records of former president George H.W. Bush, president-elect George W. Bush, or Florida governor John Ellis (a.k.a. "Jeb") Bush, particularly regarding their involvement with the death of DEA informant and CIA operative Barry Seal. I also requested any information regarding Bush family involvement in the case of Bonacci v. King, case #4:91-cv-3037, U.S. District Court of Nebraska. In the Bonacci case, a million dollar judgment was awarded to a child who was prostituted to prominent politicians. Photographs of politicians having sex with children were sealed as evidence in the Bonacci case. Did any of these photos include Bush family members?

Various sources, including "George Bush: The Unofficial Biography", (see link below) have reported Bush family involvement in crimes of treason, racketeering, and population control/genocide as far back as World War II and Prescott Bush's financing of Adolph Hitler. There is evidence that the FBI investigated the Bushes on at least four occasions:

1. In 1963, after the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.
2. In 1972, as part of the FBI's investigation of the Watergate burglary.
3. In 1985, as part of a drug sting using informant Barry Seal. During that sting, George W. and Jeb Bush allegedly purchased two kilograms of cocaine from Barry Seal.
4. In 1986, when Barry Seal was gunned down. Found in Seal's pocket was the personal telephone number to the vice-president at that time, George H.W. Bush.

The FBI replied that it was none of the public's business whether elected officials have a criminal background. Do you agree? (Please participate in the poll below.) Keep in mind, if a politician, like a President, uses his office for organized crime purposes, couldn't he just as easily set himself up as a dictator? Signed into law on September 14, 1976 was 50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq. This law permits the President to declare a national emergency by simply publishing an executive order in the daily Federal Register. This is a CIA agent's paradise because now a President, as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, can publish more executive orders that virtually suspend the Constitution, all in the name of national security. Who was CIA director at the time this became law? George H.W. Bush. And how many "national emergencies" have we had this year alone? Most people would think there was only one emergency, on September 11th. But no. There were 13 other "national emergencies" before 911 Day was declared a national emergency on Sept. 14th, the 25th anniversary of the "national emergency legislation". So is a President's criminal background private when this is the man who can wipe away our civil liberties with the stroke of his pen? Worse, what if a criminal President self-inflicts or collaborates with an enemy to create a national emergency in order to establish himself as dictator? (Something like what Hitler did in Germany.) Is this what's been happening since 911 Day?

Update: North Carolina's case was sent to the International Court of Justice, arriving on September 11, 2001, the same day as the "terrorist" attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As to be expected, such "terrorism" distracted the world and generated sympathy and unification around George W. Bush, the man whose father was accused of committing Black genocide. The World Court case claimed that the people of African descent in the United States were never truly freed from slavery because the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were not properly proposed and ratified. Accordingly, the case alleged that the descendants of African slaves are at risk of being re-enslaved and are a people without a nationality of citizenship. Nevertheless, on September 24, 2001, the World Court rejected the case claiming that, as a people without a nationality, only member nations can sue another nation for genocide. Thus North Carolina's case must start over again in the federal court in that state, trying again to receive the justice it has been so long denied.

Wanted: Brave Black people who reside in North Carolina who are willing to join S.E. Lucas and other brave White people in suing the CIA for deliberately placing drugs in the Black community. Yes, the case suing for this civil right violation of Blacks, fought all the way to the Supreme Court and the World Court, was fought by a White man! (The Black female who started the case was intimidated into quitting.) A new Black class representative is needed, but S.E. Lucas is still willing to fight for Blacks' civil rights because of all the harm cocaine is doing to Whites. This REAL war against drugs unites Blacks and Whites: The attempted genocide of one race of people, via drugs or any other means, has not been contained within the inner cities but has spread like a cancer to the suburbs and rural areas. As a result, all people, regardless of race, should be moved to battle the real threat to our national security, that being the terrorism of drugs self-inflicted by the American government. If you are of African descent, live in North Carolina, and have been hurt by crack cocaine, please contact me in Detroit at (313)532-0161 regarding being a class representative for the soon to be re-filed North Carolina lawsuit against the CIA.

Update: The re-filed Belle & Belle v. FBI et al case in Michigan makes numerous allegations that are revolutionary. One such allegation is that at least two of the Defendants in the CIA cases, those being George W. and George H.W. Bush, are members of a Masonic organization called Skull and Bones. It is alleged that masons take an oath to protect, defend, and discriminate in favor of each other, even if such protection amounts to perjury to cover up acts of treason and murder. The FBI case alleges that many judges and lawyers are masons. As a result, a Masonic judge has a conflict between the Masonic oath and his/her oath of office that requires the judge to dispense justice without bias and partiality. Accordingly, the case seeks disclosure of the judge's Masonic affiliation and his/her disqualification. Furthermore, the case alleges that undisclosed Masonic affiliations have biased the trials and sentences of every non-mason under the control of state and federal criminal justice systems. The case proposes that every non-mason whose case was presided over by a Masonic judge should be immediately released from incarceration or granted a new trial by a non-masonic judge.

WARNING FROM THE REVEALER OF SECRETS: Buy your own candy, inspect it carefully, and keep your children close on Halloween! Given that I believe the Bushes conspired with or are framing Osama bin Laden for 911 Day, beware that their next "act of terror" might take place around Halloween. The Bushes are into satanism, blood sacrifices, and pedophilia. Beware of candy laced with bio-weapons like anthrax. Again, Osama bin Laden may be framed and blamed. Or maybe someone new. Their goal is to create a national emergency so that Americans would surrender their Constitutional rights in the name of "national security". Don't be deceived into throwing away the Constitution for protection from a "benevolent" dictator. Your "savior" may be an antichrist.

Update: Claim forms are now available to join the Michigan class action case. This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. To be eligible to make a claim, you must meet one or more of the following group requirements:

1. At least 1/8 Negroid racial heritage, reside in the United States, and possess one or more of the following genes: Mediterranean G6PD, Cohen Modal Haplotype, or other genetic progeny related to the Hebrew patriarch Jacob/Israel. (Those who aren't sure of their DNA can conditionally check this box if they meet the other criteria.)
2. At least 1/8 Negroid racial heritage, NOT residing in the United States, and possess one or more of the following genes: Mediterranean G6PD, Cohen Modal Haplotype, or other genetic progeny related to the Hebrew patriarch Jacob/Israel. (Those who aren't sure of their DNA can conditionally check this box if they meet the other criteria.)
3. At least 1/8 "Native American" or "Indian" heritage, reside in the United States, and possess one or more of the following genes: Mediterranean G6PD, Cohen Modal Haplotype, or other genetic progeny related to the Hebrew patriarch Jacob/Israel. (Those who aren't sure of their DNA can conditionally check this box if they meet the other criteria.)
4. At least 1/8 Negroid racial heritage. Especially those who are victims of AIDS and/or those who are descendants of African slaves.
5. If you have been harmed by the conspiracy to commit Black genocide, regardless of race. Unbeknownst to the victims of the 911 Day disasters, they are examples of people harmed by the conspiracy to commit Black genocide.
6. People who have contracted diseases such as cancer while working for a federal agency. For example, many female employees at the Fort Street Post Office in Detroit have died of breast cancer. Although there is evidence that cancer is caused by viruses, it doesn't help that this particular post office has yet to remove its asbestos. Are experiments in germ warfare being conducted on federal employees?
7. Enslaved by mind control, particularly if abducted as a child, but this category includes adults who have been victims of ritualistic, satanic, physical, sexual, pharmaceutical, and other methods of mind control.
8. People who have not been enslaved but who, due to their activities to assist such victims, have experienced harm.
9. A non-mason with a criminal record because the judge, victim, prosecutor, other witnesses, and/or own attorney was a mason.
10. A person residing in Florida, North Carolina, New York, Louisiana, Michigan, Washington DC, or Maryland that has been hurt by cocaine.

There is no charge to join this class action lawsuit by filling out a claim form. Eventually, I will have the technology in place so people may download the necessary forms off this website or via email. For now, I must send the forms the old-fashioned way, via snail mail. This is expensive, therefore $5.00 is requested to cover copying and mailing costs. Once you receive the forms, they are not copy-righted, so feel free to distribute to those who may need it. If you would like a copy of the main body of the lawsuit, 70+ pages, please enclose an additional $5.00 for copying and mailing costs.

This site was last updated on October 17, 2001.
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A getaway plane from the JFK assassination.
A burglary at the Watergate.
Israel's role in Iran-Contra.
Drugged Black community.
Federal Reserve laundering drug money.
AIDS in Africa.
Children abducted and sexually abused by a satanic cult.
Dispute over counting presidential election ballots in Florida.
911 Day.

What do all these crimes, (some may dare call them acts of treason), have in common?

The CIA and a family called Bush.

What should patriots and Christians do to solve these crimes against humanity and acts of treason? I chose to use my case against the FBI to do the following:

1. Sue the FBI for withholding requested information in violation of the Freedom of Information Act.

2. Sue the FBI and others for sabotaging the Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking cases.

3. Investigate the Florida elections. For example:

a. On Saturday, December 9, 2000, the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision which allowed for manual recount of the state's ballots.

b. A few hours later, the U.S. Supreme Court issues an injunction staying Florida's manual recount. The U.S. Supreme Court said it based its decision on an application filed by George W. Bush.


d. Did the State of Florida purchase their voting machines from Louisiana, a state which recently convicted its own Supervisor of Elections for elections' fraud? In other words, were the Florida voting machines RIGGED to elect the brother of Florida's governor? (See link below to Daniel Hopsicker's exclusive investigation.)

4. Declare the Federal Reserve unconstitutional. The Federal Reserve Banks are private corporations. The U.S. Constitution mandates Congress have control over U.S. monetary policy and currency. Especially if the Federal Reserve is laundering drug money, should Congress let private corporations dictate America's financial future? What's next? Will private corporations, rather than Congress, dictate when America should declare war?

5. Sue for reparations for Black genocide from drugs, AIDS, Ebola, etc. Also allows claims for people, regardless of race, who became victims of the conspirators' retaliation for acts that directly or indirectly thwarted the conspiracy. (See my book "For Such A Time As This: Revealing Mistaken Identities" for motive for Black genocide.)

6. Sue for reparations for victims of "white slavery", the children (regardless of race) who have been enslaved through child abduction and sexual abuse. Also allows claims for people who may not have been sexually abused but who became victims of the conspirators' retaliation for acts that directly or indirectly thwarted the conspiracy.

7. Sue for injunction to stop the human cloning and eugenics of the Human Genome Project as well as to stop FEMA REX 84 plans to put "dissidents and suspected illegal aliens" into concentration camps.

What motive would prompt wealthy and educated men to stoop to such depraved depths of genocide, assassinations, sabotage, and treason? Was it the quest for money and power? Was it just plain racism? Or is there a deeper, TOP SECRET?

Does the TOP SECRET have anything to do with why people of African descent are targeted for genocide more than any other minority group? Why does the intelligence agency for Israel, the Mossad, work so closely with the CIA to drug Black America? Why does Israel work so closely with the Human Genome Project and is so anxious to clone a human? Does it have anything to do with there being mummies in Israel, mummies whose DNA would prove that some of the people who claim to be Jews are not truly descended from Jacob, the Hebrew patriarch? But if you clone the DNA from the people who are the true descendants onto the genes of the imposters...Who would know the difference? Only God?

Order the controversial and suppressed book "FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS: REVEALING MISTAKEN IDENTITIES". Specially autographed copies are on sale now for only $15.99 (plus $4.00 for shipping and handling). This book also contains claim forms for anyone who has been hurt in any way by cocaine. Claim forms are also available for anyone eligible for reparations. Those ordering NOW will receive a THANK YOU GIFT of a 3 day/2 night mini-vacation to their chose of 20 destinations. For secure online ordering, click onto PayPal below or send a money order payable to Mountain Movers Ministries, P.O. Box 3983, Southfield MI 48037.

Want to support these lawsuits with a donation? For donations of $10 or more, you, too, may receive a TOKEN OF APPRECIATION: A gift certificate for $500 in Funbook coupons to be used in Anaheim, California or Orlando, Florida. The gift certificate may also be used for over $500 in cash, chips, meals, drinks, and tokens at Las Vegas, Reno, or Lake Tahoe. This has truly been a David versus Goliath effort. Most of the financial backing for these cases has come from my mother and son. So please give generously! Donations may be forwarded through PayPal or via U.S. mail.

To learn more about the history of these lawsuits, order the book "Dark Alliance", written by Gary Webb, the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who risked his job at the San Jose Mercury News by exposing the CIA/Contras/crack cocaine conspiracy in California. Order at the Barnes and Noble link below.

Many African-Americans and others died for the right to vote. Were these deaths in vain if the votes aren't counted? Why was it so hard to count the votes in Florida? Was Gore's request for a manual recount a polite way of saying that voting machines can rig elections? "Follow the Chad" by visiting the link below on how to rig elections.

Who really won the vote in Florida, and therefore the presidency of the United States? Some news agencies gained legal access to the ballots and performed manual recounts consistent with the December 9, 2000 ruling of the Florida Supreme Court. Despite undergoing the tremendous expense of performing this manual recount, few of these news agencies are publicizing the results? Why? Because Al Gore won! Get the hidden scoop by clicking the link that lists the little-publicized news articles reporting on the county-by-county manual recounts in Florida.
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