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Welcome to the homepage of Anita of the Belle Family. We are happy to share with you our ideas for financial blessings!
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Anita E. Belle
P.O. Box 3983, Southfield, MI 48037
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How do you generate financial blessings?
Whatsoever you set your hands to do shall prosper, so set your hands to one or all of these.

There is a secret to multi-level marketing. Knowing this secret will save you time, frustration, and money. Knowing this secret will TRULY allow you to devote only a few minutes in your day to building your MLM business.

This secret is particularly true for people who conduct international travel. Below is a link to the Payline. It pays both in air travel miles and UP TO $500 A DAY in commissions! Joining the Payline is free but activating membership costs $200. The cost of qualifying for Payline commissions is to personally sponsor two people who activate their memberships. So what does this mean for international travelers? For the cost of $600 and sponsoring two friends, one person may travel internationally in approximately 70 days!

Does airfare for your travel destination cost you more than $600? Want to earn daily commissions of UP TO $500? Then join the Payline!

All we ask in exchange for giving away this multi-level marketing secret is that you join Payline as a Mountain Movers referral. That means, when you join Payline, enter as your referror. Join now for FREE but don't delay. Payline is a vertical MLM so that everyone else in the world who joins after you counts towards your miles and commissions. Payline is a business where EVERY DAY AND EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!! Over 3,000 joined Payline under us in less than 24 hours. Now there are over 100,000 people in our downline. So don't delay! Click the link NOW!!! Remember, is your referral source!

(To receive daily commissions, you will need an email address and you will need to join PayPal. PayPal is free.)

For more secrets about MLM, get our "Secrets to MLM Success Revealed!" for only $5.00.

Ever dream a rich person would be generous enough to loan you money to start a business? No credit check? No application fees? No interest? Your dream has finally come true!!! For a limited time, there is such a rich person willing to do exactly this!

What's the catch? Just four things:
1. The rich person is only loaning $1400 for the Oasis Wellness businss.
2. Oasis is an anti-aging program, so the loan is available only for individuals or organizations in which at least one person is over 30 years old.
3. All you have to do is sponsor 5 people, who sponsor 5 people, who sponsor 5 people, etc. For a limited time, everyone you sponsor will be eligible for this $1400 loan.
4. Pay back the lender after you start making money. (If you sponsor your 5 people right away, you will be able to pay back $1000 of the loan in the first month, plus have $500 to spare! If your 5 people sponsored 5 people, and so forth, then you should be earning between $3,000-$6000 from the second month on.)

To learn more about the anti-aging product, visit the Oasis link below. To learn more about how you can obtain a $1400 business loan, call or email Anita at the numbers listed above.

Need a computer? So did we. Find out how you can EARN a computer for $99! You'll also get over 20 vacations and BIG commissions at no extra cost! To learn more, visit our link at Dynamics4Success.

Every business needs advertisement, but who wants to spend a lot of money? We didn't, so we "broadcast" a link to over 1 MILLION people a day for FREE. We can help you save money, too. Visit our advertising link below.

Last but not least, we believe in social activism. Make the world a better place. Can a mustard seed of faith move the mountain of drug abuse? We are trying! Find out how by visiting the Mountain Movers website for the Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking Cases.

This site was last updated on February 28, 2001.

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